Holy Cross Episcopal Church

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"Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a rector for Holy Cross, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Book of Common Prayer, p. 818

The selection of a new priest for Holy Cross is a very important process that can take from one to two years. The purpose of the interim period is to provide the time to carefully consider priest candidates and give the parish time to be able to make the transition from loved and familiar priests and ways of doing things and prepare us for the challenge of change and the welcoming of new ways to love and worship God and to serve others in our parish and community.

This timeline is not set in stone but will provide an outline of the details involved in the search for a new rector and the interim period.

Rector Search - Timeline
  • December 2022

    Vestry has hired an Interim Rector

    The Vestry members are very pleased to announce that we have hired the Reverend Audrey Miskelley to serve as our Interim Rector. She will be joining us on February 13th, ready to lead us through our Lenten Journey and beyond.

    Dear Parish Family,
    As we move toward Mark and Martha’s retirement, we would like to give you an update on our Rector search. The first step after Mark and Martha’s last Sunday with us on February 19 is to hire an Interim Rector to serve us while we undergo the search for a permanent Rector. We have completed that first task and we are very pleased to announce that we have hired the Reverend Audrey Miskelley to serve as our Interim Rector. She will be joining us on February 20, ready to lead us through our Lenten Journey and beyond.

    Some information about Reverend Audrey: She received her master’s in divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary. Prior to being ordained, she served in the army as a Payroll Clerk, worked in the private sector as a mortgage loan specialist and paralegal and as an instructor in government and politics at the college level. She has served as interim rector and associate rector at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Orinda, St. Timothy’s in Danville, St. Aidan’s and St. Luke’s in San Francisco. and St. Paul’s in Walnut Creek. Her most recent interim position was at St. John’s and St. Michael & All Angels in Clayton and Concord, respectively. There she served two financially struggling mission churches and successfully joined their parishes into one. On a personal note, Reverend Audrey is married with adult children, and lives in Orinda.

    An interim rector’s role is very specialized and there are very few priests with interim experience. An interim is the bridge between the departing rector and the new permanent rector. They need to minister to a congregation that is losing a rector, for whatever reason, and to guide the parish in their discernment and search for a permanent rector. It is a very specific function. We are fortunate in our selection of Reverend Audrey as service as an interim rector is her chosen ministry.

    We are very grateful to Mark and Martha for announcing their plans in advance and giving us the time to have an interim rector ready to minister to the congregation immediately following their last Sunday. We now can enter the seasons of Christmas and Epiphany, celebrating the birth of our Lord, knowing that we will be supported and cared for going forward.

    We wish to thank the other members of the Interim Search Team – Trish Grima, John Watson and Alissa Fencsik – for their hard work in developing our position requirements and interviewing our candidate and her references. Should you have any questions about the process or Reverend Audrey, please reach out to one of us.

    With all the blessings of this Advent season,

    Diane Granlund, Rector’s Warden
    Janet Williams, Peoples Warden
  • Winter 2023

    February 19, 2023 – Last Sunday of Epiphany

    We bid farewell to Mark and Martha and wish them well in their retirement.

  • Lent 2023

    Community Meetings and Development of Application

    During Lent, meetings of the congregation were held to provide information about the interim period and the search process. The Vestry developed an application for those who wish to be considered for the Search Committee.

  • Easter Season

    Launch Application Process for Search Committee

    Applications were made available to parishioners to serve on the committee. The Vestry reviewed the applications and selected a committee.

  • Easter Season

    The Search Committee Begins its Work

    A Search Committee is formed. One of the committee members is a member of the Vestry who will keep the Vestry informed on the progress of the committee and any issues that arise. The Search Committee was presented to the community. The Search Team members are representing Holy Cross.

    Search Committee Officers
    Co-Chairs: Pat Oakman & Cathy Gould
    Clerk: Mary Padilla
    Chaplain & Vestry Representative: Alissa Fensik
    IT: John Watson

  • Pentecost

    Search Committee Works with the Community

    The Search Team begins two tasks: 1. Meeting with the congregation to discuss who we are as a church - why we joined Holy Cross and why we stay at Holy Cross; and 2. Preparing a profile of our church to provide to potential candidates. The profile will be approved by the Vestry.

    • Late Winter and Early Spring

      The Search Committee will Receive and Review Applications

      Our profile has been sent to the Office for Transition Ministry for the National Episcopal Church. Candidates will send us their resumes and Ministry Portfolios for the Search Committee's consideration. All search documents will be submitted to the Diocesan Transition Officer, Denise Obando. Once all parties are in agreement the search will open to The Episcopal Church and the search committee will begin reviewing applicants.

    • Spring 2024

      Search Committee Considers Candidates

      The Search Committee will narrow the candidates and meet with them by Zoom and/or visit them in their present parishes. The candidates will not be coming to Holy Cross to preach.

    • Late Spring and Early Summer 2024

      Search Committee Presents Finalists to the Vestry

      The Search Committee will present their recommended candidate(s) to the Vestry, which will decide whether to extend an offer. The choice must also be approved by the Bishop.

    • Summer 2024

      A New Journey Begins

      Our new rector will be presented to the church, and a new journey will begin.

    Proverbs 27:25:
    When the grass disappears, the new growth is seen,
    And the herbs of the mountains are gathered in,