Holy Cross Episcopal Church

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The Leaders of Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Staff & Vestry

The Clergy Staff

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Holy Cross is not hosting any students from our local seminary at this time.

The Parish Cat

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Ted is a rescue from the Hayward Animal shelter and joined the staff in May of 2014. You can find him wandering the campus to greet visitors, chase rodents, and join us for worship. At night he lives in the conference room.

In Memoriam

The late Oreo, the parish cat

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Oreo arrived at the same time as the Spauldings, as if he was called too. In June 2013 our parish lost a faithful companion that has been fixture around and about our parish for a decade. Whether worshiping with us, especially at the 8:30 service, chasing the rats out of the bushes, or sitting on paper in the conference room; he was a faithful member of our community! We miss him…

The Clergy Staff

  • Interim Rector, The Rev. Audrey Miskelley can be reached at rectormail
  • Pastoral Associate, The Rev. Pamela Cranston can be reached at assistantemail

The Lay Staff

  • Director of Music: Mr. Ray Hickman -- music_mail
  • Office Administrator: Ms. Bonnie Pikul (ext. 200) -- office_mail
  • Bookkeepers:
  • Ms. Diane Granlund
  • Ms. Pat Oakman

The Vestry

Rector's Warden: Diane Granlund
People's Warden: Janet Williams
Clerk: Cheryl Farley
Vestry Ministry Team Coordinators

        Adult Formation: Alissa Fencsik
        Outreach: Debra Collins
        Worship & Arts: Kirk Demlinger
        Facilities: David Fencsik
        Welcome: Lara Montano
        Parish Life: Jose Ramos
        Youth & Child Formation: Beth Watson
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Holy Cross Episcopal Church
19179 Center St
Castro Valley CA 94546